5th International Congress and Exhibition Lithium Latin America
26-27 June 2024, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Congress and Exhibition “Lithium Latin America” is the only international professional event for top-level networking of key industrial lithium producing enterprises, regulatory authorities, government, technology and equipment suppliers, investors across Latin America, the US, Canada and Europe.

News / Noticias


Es posible para la UE producir litio a escala? ▶️ Is it possible for the EU to produce lithium at scale?

Lukasz Bednarski, analista de S&P Global Commodity Insights, señala en su libro ‘La guerra de las baterías’, que Europa necesita


Mineras de litio reorganizan la forma de adquirir y vender litio ▶️ Lithium mining companies reorganize the way they acquire and sell lithium

Mineras de litio reorganizan operaciones para hacer frente a las fuertes oscilaciones de precios El auge en la demanda procedente

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ILiA is the global trade association for the lithium industry and represents the entire lithium value chain. The Association was established in 2021 as an international not-for-profit industry association run by and for its members.  Visit https://lithium.org/

“The Lithium Voice”

The journal of the International Lithium Association (ILiA). Each edition contains a letter from the Chair and membership news as well as articles about lithium and the lithium industry.

Todas las ediciones de esta revista también disponibles en Español y en Chino:

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Determining the Product Carbon Footprint of Lithium Products:

This guidance launched by the International Lithium Association (ILiA) is to create a product carbon footprint (PCF) assessment for key lithium intermediates and battery-grade lithium carbonate and hydroxide specialty chemicals produced from brine or rock minerals in a standardized way.

About the guidance:

  • It is the first PCF guidance specific to the lithium industry.
  • The guidance is designed to be a short, practical document which addresses and summarizes the key issues in the dozens of standards which are relevant to a lithium PCF.
  • It contains a checklist of typical greenhouse gas hotspots in lithium production to prevent omissions in the PCF calculation.
  • It provides clear instructions and examples of how to manage the contribution of co-products.
  • It is agnostic to the production route (using brine, rock, clay etc).
  • The lithium PCF guidance was made by the lithium industry and its stakeholders.
  • ILiA will periodically publish updates of this guidance.

To download a free copy of the guidance please visit https://lithium.org/